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Israel State

The Zionist Story: The Zionist Story, an independent film by Ronen Berelovich, is the story of ethnic cleansing, colonialism and apartheid to produce a demographically Jewish State. [1:15:02]


aipac-101 israel-lobby
AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know (05/13/11) [9:39]

The Israel Lobby (2007) [51:55]
inside-british-israel-lobby netanyahu-addresses
Dispatches - inside Britain's Israel Lobby [48:26] TRNN | Netanyahu Addresses Adoring Congress (05/25/11) [15:06]

Ron Paul The Enemy of America. AIPAC PNAC Trilateral CFR NWO 2012 []


"Israel Lobby" authors Steven Walt and John Mearsheimer

Grabbing the Third Rail
MotherJones | Paige Austin | 07/18/06

Every piece of scholarship carries risks. But for Harvard Professor Stephen Walt and University of Chicago Professor John Mearsheimer, the potential fallout from their paper "The Israel Lobby," published in the March 23 edition of the London Review of Books, was more dangerous than most. Declaring that the extent of the U.S.-Israel alliance had "no equal in American political history," the professors posed a distinctly uncomfortable question: "Why has the U.S. been willing to set aside its own security and that of many of its allies in order to advance the interests of another state?" Read more

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.pdf
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.pdf

john-mearsheimer conversations-with-history
"Israel Lobby" authors Steven Walt and John Mearsheimer (09/13/06) [9:51] Conversations With History: John Mearsheimer and Steve Walt (01/10/08) [59:03]

imperial-by-design role-pro-Israel-lobby-play
Imperial by Design - John Mearsheimer(08/01/11) [45:38] Ajazeera | Inside Story US 2012 - What role does the pro-Israel lobby play? (03/07/12) [25:13]

John Mearsheimer on the State of the Israel Lobby (09/29/10) [13:24]
John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt - The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy [1:41:55]

"Goldstone Report" authors Goldstone

goldstone-report gaza-conflict
Inside Story - The Goldstone report (10/18/09 [24:32] UN Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict (Richard Goldstone) (09/29/09) [57:12]


Bill Moyers: Richard Goldstone's UN Report on Israel/Gaza - Part 1 (11/02/09)[10:01], Part 2 [10:11], Part 3 [9:55], Part 4 [9:57], Part 5 [7:58]

Israeli Historians

historian1 historian2
Ajazeera | Yehuda Bauer: Israel's genocidal nationalists (01/08/12) [25:00] Israel's deepening religious divide: As extremists are accused of harassing Israeli women, is the influence of ultra-orthodox Jews growing in the country? (12/28/11) [25:07]

Yehuda Bauer: Israel's genocidal nationalists (article)
Ajazeera | Israel's deepening religious divide (article)

Birth of a Nation - military

military1 military2
Son of Israeli General Exposes Israel's Lies (02/21/12) [28:25] BBC | Documentary on the USS Liberty: Dead in the Water (1967) [1:08:33]


Missing Links - The Definitive Truth on 911 [2:05:41]

Other Events

TRNN | Israel and US Strategic Interests (05/27/11) [8:16]
Inside Story | US-Israel: Unsettled dispute (03/24/10) [23:11]
Aljazeera | Riz Khan: Impact of the Gaza war on Israel (03/31/10) [22:26]


Zionist Israel: What the world should know (02/10/07) [5:40]
David Icke | Where have the Rothschilds disappeared to? [21:02]


Bush, Cheney, PNAC, & The Criminal Conspiracy To Invade Iraq (2005) [10:46]

More Extreme Views - Views against the zionist

Jordan Maxwell | Matrix of Power - Secrets of World Control [1:07:05]
David Duke | The Zionist Matrix of Power & Israel: The Promised Land Of Organized Crime [1:35:37]


The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign_Policy [wikipedia]
Christian_Zionists [wikipedia]
Neoconservatives [wikipedia]
http://www.jewishwealth.org/ [website]

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The Zog website
Who Controls America.net
Who Really Controls America?
PNAC (Policy For A New American Century)

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