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Monday December 07, 2015
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The World's Most Influential Voices of 2015
HP | Nathan Gardels | 12/07/15

The 2015 Global Thought Leaders Index, a "collective intelligence" analysis that maps the global conversation on the Internet and ranks its most influential voices, has just been released by The WorldPost and the Zurich-based Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute.

For the first time, the annual index measures not only the globally-dominant English language infosphere, but also the other main language infospheres of Spanish and Chinese, as well as German. Altogether we rank the nearly 400 people who are most often mentioned and discussed online, ranging in the global index from Pope Francis, who ranks #1, to Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk at #4, Edward Snowden at #5 and cellist Yo-Yo Ma at #9. Other top influencers of note include former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis at #78, Chinese novelist Mo Yan at #83, Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez at #99 and Indian novelist Chetan Bhagat at #136. ... Read more
Introducing The WorldPost -- Where the World Meets (2015) [3:20]

Defense Contractors Cite "Benefits" of Escalating Conflicts in the Middle East
The Intercept | Lee Fang | 12/04/15

Major defense contractors Raytheon, Oshkosh, and Lockheed Martin assured investors at a Credit Suisse conference in West Palm Beach this week that they stand to gain from the escalating conflicts in the Middle East.

Lockheed Martin Executive Vice President Bruce Tanner told the conference his company will see "indirect benefits" from the war in Syria, citing the Turkish military's recent decision to shoot down a Russian warplane. The incident, Tanner said, heightens the risk for U.S. military operations in the region, providing "an intangible lift because of the dynamics of that environment and our products in theater." He also stressed that the Russian intervention would highlight the need for Lockheed Martin-made F-22s and the new F-35 jets. ... Read more

*RT | Dead End: The Calais Crisis (12/06/15) [26:24]

Right-wing trolls are going ballistic: Why Rush Limbaugh & co. are freaking out about hate crimes
Salon | Gary Legum | 12/07/15

Conservative media spent the last few days roasting Attorney General Loretta Lynch for comments she made at a dinner Thursday night with the Muslim Advocates, a legal organization that advocates for the rights of Muslim Americans nationwide. Because anytime you can overreact to the nation's top law enforcement officer promising to prosecute hate crimes against a tiny minority of your countrymen, you have to do it.

Lynch's appearance had been scheduled months ago, but it took on a particular urgency in the wake of both the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13 and the massacre in San Bernardino carried out by a radicalized Muslim husband-and-wife team last Wednesday. Speaking to a notable spike in anti-Muslim rhetoric after the recent events, Lynch said, ... Read more

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, December 07 [8:24]
*DR | The Latest On The San Bernardino Shooting Investigation (12/07/15) [1hr]
The FBI calls the San Bernardino shooting an act of terrorism. Diane and guests discuss the latest on the investigation, as well as fears that mass shootings are the new normal in America.
The State Of Homelessness In America In 2015 (12/07/15) [1hr]
The number of homeless in America is going down, but in some cities there have been big increases leading some local leaders to declare states of emergencies.
TRNN | The Islamic State that Buys Our Weapons (12/07/15) [7:05]
Last year, Saudi Arabia became the United State's largest purchaser of arms, enshrining the untouchable status of a ruling monarchy that many accuse of fanning the flames of extremism in the Middle East.
TRNN | Who's Listening to Civil Society at COP21? (12/07/15) [13:31]
Activists Anjali Appadurai and Kali Akuno describe the isolation and militarization at COP21 meetings and how world leaders refuse to acknowledge the need to end fossil fuel dependent economies.
TRNN | World's Richest Nations Continue to Shower Public Money on Fossil Fuels Companies (12/07/15) [13:14]
*TYT | Reporters Swarm San Bernardino Terrorists' Home On Live TV (12/04/15) [8:09]
TYT | San Bernardino Terrorists Pledged Loyalty To ISIS Online (12/04/15) [13:56]
TYT | Ben Carson Visited Syrian Refugees, So Now He's An Expert... (12/05/15) [5:48]
RT | CrossTalk: Syria's Wheel of Fortune (12/07/15) [23:43]
RoF | Ring of Fire (E215) - The GOP And The Brand Of "Hate" (12/03/15) [29:00]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
ThomHartmann | Thom Confronts Morano on the Massive Climate Coverup (12/04/15) [6:58]
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - www.pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

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Friday December 04, 2015
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Todays Headlines in Huffington Post

2 Assault Rifles, 2 Handguns, 1,600 Ammunition Rounds On Them... 4,500 Rounds And 12 Bombs At Home... Killers Led Secret Life... Police Chief: They 'Came Prepared'... Bought Guns Legally... 'This Was Somebody We Had Not Heard Of Before'... Motive Mystery... 14 KILLED, 21 WOUNDED... THE VICTIMS... MAP: All Of The Mass Shootings In America This Year...

U.S. First Shields Its Torturers and War Criminals From Prosecution, Now Officially Honors Them
TheIntercept | Glenn Greenwald | 12/04/15

... President Obama made the decision in early 2009 to block the Justice Department from criminally investigating and prosecuting Cheney and his fellow torturers, as well as to protect them from foreign investigations and even civil liability sought by torture victims. Obama did that notwithstanding a campaign decree that even top Bush officials are subject to the rule of law and, more importantly, notwithstanding a treaty signed in 1984 by Ronald Reagan requiring that all signatory states criminally prosecute their own torturers. Obama's immunizing Bush-era torturers converted torture from a global taboo and decades-old crime into a reasonable, debatable policy question, which is why so many GOP candidates are now openly suggesting its use. ... Read more

Since January The US Has Added 294,000 Waiters & Bartenders, And Zero Manufacturing Workers

W has taught us nothing: ISIS, the Iraq War and America's looming quagmire
Salon & TomDospatch | Andrew J. Bacevich | 12/04/15

Assume that the hawks get their way -- that the United States does whatever it takes militarily to confront and destroy ISIS. Then what? Answering that question requires taking seriously the outcomes of other recent U.S. interventions in the Greater Middle East. In 1991, when the first President Bush ejected Saddam Hussein's army from Kuwait, Americans rejoiced, believing that they had won a decisive victory. A decade later, the younger Bush seemingly outdid his father by toppling the Taliban in Afghanistan and then making short work of Saddam himself -- a liberation twofer achieved in less time than it takes Americans to choose a president. After the passage of another decade, Barack Obama got into the liberation act, overthrowing the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in what appeared to be a tidy air intervention with a clean outcome. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton memorably put it, "We came, we saw, he died." End of story. ... Read more

Why This Sucker Is Going Down... Again
ZeroHedge | author | 12/04/15

So how do you grow household wealth by $18 trillion in the face of these dismal real world trends? In a word, with a printing press. But what happened today is that Draghi showed he is out of tricks and Yellen confessed she is out of excuses. Yes, this sucker is going down. And this time all the misguided economics professors turned central bankers in the world will be powerless to reverse the plunge. ... Read more

More News
  1. The Jobs Report Probably Won't Change the Fed's Mind on Liftoff ( BBG)
  2. U.S. authorities look for militant links to shooters in California mass slaying ( Reuters)
  3. Neighbors, Acquaintances Shocked That Couple Are San Bernardino Shooting Suspects ( WSJ)
  4. ECB Fumbles the Stimulus-Baton Hand-off, Mussing Up Fed's Plans ( WSJ)
  5. OPEC Heads for Status Quo as Members Clash Over Crude Output Cut ( BBG)
  6. Foreigners drawn in as fear and loathing grip China's finance industry ( Reuters)
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, December 04 [9:49] *DR | Friday News Roundup -- Domestic (12/04/15) [1hr]
Investigators continue to search for a motive in the San Bernardino, California shooting. The Senate votes to repeal parts of president Obama's health care law despite the promise of his veto. And what the November jobs report might mean for an interest rate hike. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top national news stories.
*DR | Friday News Roundup -- International (12/04/15) [1hr]
Britain hits ISIS in Syria after its parliament authorizes strikes. NATO reveals plans to expand, angering Russia. And the UN says Iran worked on weapons design longer than previously thought. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.
TRNN | Chris Williams and Amy Miller discus: Will COP21 Lead to Markets and an Unenforceable Agreement? (12/04/15) [27:16]
TYT | Government Wastes Millions And YOU Pay For it (12/03/15) [3:33]
TYT |How Much Did The NRA Buy YOUR Senator For? (12/03/15) [6:18]
TYT | Paul Ryan: Keep Selling Guns To Terrorist Watch List (12/03/15) [8:59]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
ThomHartmann | 20 Americans Own More Wealth than Half the Country (full show) (12/03/15) [57:15]
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - www.pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/
Showtime - The Spymasters
NPR Fresh Air | Top CIA 'Spymasters' Agree: We Can't Kill Our Way Out Of Terrorism (12/03/15) [36:13]
http://www.npr.org/programs/fresh-air website
CBS | "The Spymasters": 12 CIA directors open up about war on terror (11/17/15) [9:16]
MSNBC | "The Spymasters": Filmmakers Explore Inner Workings of CIA (11/25/15) [8:21]
Showtime | The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs | Official Clip [2:35]
Showtime | The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs | John Brennan Interview [2:23]
Showtime | The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs | David Petraeus Interview [2:11]
Showtime | CIA Documentary 'The Spymasters' To Premiere On Showtime In November
The docu features more than 100 hours of intimate and candid conversations with all 12 living directors of the Central Intelligence Agency and the agency's top operatives, with unprecedented access to America's spy network. Chris Whipple (The President's Gatekeepers) is penning the docu, and Gédéon Naudet and Jules Naudet (9/11) are directing. The Naudets, Chris Whipple, David Hume Kennerly and Susan Zirinsky (9/11) will executive produce in a co-production with CBS News. Mandy Patinkin (Homeland) will narrate.
The film focuses on the organization during one of the most controversial periods in CIA history -- director_of_national_intelligencemarked by the use of torture, secret prisons, undeclared war, lethal drone warfare and even an alleged assassination. It asks the questions: How far should America go to keep us safe from another terrorist attack? What is considered fair game? Has the world's elite spying organization focused on paramilitary operations at the expense of gathering intelligence? What about killing enemy combatants from the air by remotely piloted aircraft and targeting American citizens? And as the CIA's deadly drones wage a remote-controlled aerial war, are we losing moral high ground and creating more enemies than we kill? The film will examine the internal debate among the directors about what is ethical and how America should fight to protect its own citizens.

The Spymasters will include never-before-seen footage of directors talking about their failures and previously classified successes, and the terrorist attacks that each director lived through, according to Showtime. It also will feature key critics of the CIA who voice claims of ineffectiveness, overreaching authority and poor image. Here is a complete list of the CIA directors and operatives featured in the docu:

CIA Directors:
George H. W. Bush, Stansfield Turner, William Webster, Robert Gates, James Woolsey, John Deutch, George Tenet, Porter Goss, Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, David Petraeus, John Brennan, Michael Morell (Acting Director twice), John McLaughlin (Acting Director once)

CIA Operatives:
Cofer Black, Chief of the Counter Terrorism Center | Jose Rodriguez, Chief of the Counter Terrorism Center | Gina Bennett, Analyst tracking Osama Bin Laden | Bob Baer, Case officer
Vice News
Vice | Former CIA Deputy Director Apologizes for Flawed Iraq War Intel (06/25/15) [22:51]
Vice | Ex-CIA Officer John Kiriakou: "The Government Turned Me Into a Dissident" () [16:48]

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Thursday December 03, 2015
News Articles

San Bernardino Suspects Identified As Syed Farook And Tashfeen Malik
HP | Willa Frej | 12/02/15

The suspects in Wednesday?s mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, have been identified as Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27. Both were killed in a shootout with police, who tracked them to a home in nearby Redlands. The couple fled the shooting, where 14 people were killed at a holiday party for county employees, in a black SUV before law enforcement intercepted them hours later. Farook was an environmental specialist who had worked for the county health department ... Read more

Meet Syed Farook And Tashfeen Malik, The Husband And Wife San Bernardino Shooters
ZeroHedge | author | 12/03/15

"Was there a link to terror?"

... Farook, whose family was originally from Pakistan, was born in America and was employed as an environmental health specialist for San Bernardino County. He did what health specialists do: inspect restaurants and other facilities for health violations.

"Farook traveled to Saudi Arabia earlier this year and returned with a wife," AP reports, citing co-worker Patrick Baccari, who said Farook "was gone for about a month in the spring, and when he returned word got around [he'd] had been married." His new wife was described as "a pharmacist."

Although we would urge caution when it comes to drawing conclusions around the sectarian divide, we'd be remiss if we didn't note that ISIS, al-Qaeda, and many of the other groups the public generally identifies with extremism, are Sunni. Saudi Arabia (where Farook allegedly found his wife) promotes puritanical Wahhabism.

In the wake of the tragedy, Muzammil Siddiqi, religious director of The Islamic Society of Orange County, reminded Americans that Islam is not synonymous with terror: "Please do not implicate Islam or Muslims. Our faith is against this kind of behaviour." ...

... Of course at the end of the day, two people opening fire with assault rifles on a holiday party seems pretty "terrifying" to us regardless of what inspired the shooters, but remember, crises like these are only "useful" in today's world if they serve someone's geopolitical ends so don't be surprised if the mainstream media soon turns up the San Bernardino equivalent of the forged Syrian passport found in Paris three weeks ago. Read more

Hey America! Your latest mass shooting numbers are in, and it's obvious what you were most thankful for this November -- MOAR GUNZ!!1!

There Have Been More Mass Shootings This Year Than There Have Been Days
HP| Nick Wing | 12/02/15

Americans were exposed to the terror of mass gun violence again on Wednesday, this time at a social services center in San Bernardino, California. The initial reports revealed a distressingly familiar pattern: A heavily armed active shooter or shooters, at least 14 people dead and more injured, harrowing images of law enforcement and first responders rushing to get the area under control, and stunned people -- some of them wounded and bleeding -- streaming out of the facility.

It seems like we've seen this time and time again. But mass shootings occur even more frequently than many people realize, because most of them don't make the national news. Over on Reddit, the Guns Are Cool community has compiled a list of every U.S. mass shooting this year. According to their count, Wednesday's burst of violence was the 355th this year. ... Read more

Spot The Factory Orders Recession
ZeroHedge | author | 12/03/15

When it comes to the US manufacturing economy, things are now abundantly clear: it is in a recession, the only question is how acute this recession will be, and how long it will last. According to the latest factory orders data released moments ago by the Dept of Commerce, while the headline number rose a modest 1.5%, above the 1.4% expected, the reality is that the baseline number was so low a sequential rebound was inevitable. The real punchline is the Y/Y change, which is shown on the chart below: it shows that factory orders have now been negative over the prior year for a whopping 12 consecutive months, which is just 3 shy of the 15 months of Y/Y declines recorded during the great recession. .. Read more

Click picture to zoom in
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, December 03 [12:15]
*DR | Latest On The San Bernardino Shooting (12/03/15) [1hr]
A deadly shooting inside a social services center in San Bernardino, California yesterday left 14 people dead and 17 injured. It's the largest mass shooting in the U.S. since Sandy Hook in 2012. We get the latest.
*DR | Climate Change, Exxon Mobil, and Columbia University (12/03/15) [1hr]
In October, a critical report on Exxon Mobil's climate change position appeared in The Los Angeles Times. Now the company is taking on the authors of the report -- Columbia University's journalism school.
TRNN | Mary Lou Malig of the Global Forest Coalition says the premise and the strategy to reach 2° is flawed (12/03/15) [10:21]
TRNN | Frederic Mousseau discusses: Least Developed Countries Gets 248 Million to Adopt to Climate Change (12/03/15) [14:32]
TYT | San Bernardino Mass Shooting (12/02/15) [9:01]
TYT | Blame The NRA And GOP For Armor-Piercing Bullets (12/02/15) [4:47]
*TYT | Trump: Don't Just Kill ISIS... Kill Their Whole Families (12/02/15) [10:47]
TYT | Boats Full Of Bodies Washing Ashore In Japan (12/02/15) [4:20]
RT | US drone-killing whistleblowers reportedly see bank accounts frozen (12/02/15) [2:52]
RoF | Ring of Fire (E214) - Trump and Fox (12/02/15) [29:00]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - www.pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

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Wednesday December 02, 2015
News Articles

This Is The Beginning Of The End Of The Fossil Fuel Industry
HP | Alexander C. Kaufman | 12/02/15

Oil and gas giants such as Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil and BP continue to reap stupendous profits from selling products that contribute to the high levels of carbon emissions causing climate change. Like the tobacco industry before it, these companies have poured money into lobbying and misinformation campaigns to escape restrictive regulations.

But, as world leaders gather in Paris on Nov. 30 for the month-long COP21 climate talks, the fossil fuel industry's future is in jeopardy. There may be an abundant supply of oil, gas and coal and -- at least for now -- a strong demand for these products, but there is a growing urgency among business leaders and policymakers to stem usage before the effects of global warming worsen dramatically. ... Read more

Sanders Beats All Top Republicans In Latest Poll
HP |Janie Velencia | 12/02/15

In a hypothetical matchup against the current GOP front-runner, business mogul Donald Trump, Sanders takes 49 percent of the vote to Trump's 41 percent. Against Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Sanders leads 44 percent to 43 percent. He also beats Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) by 10 percentage points and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson by 6 points.

Fifty-nine percent of voters also say Sanders is honest and trustworthy -- placing him well above former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, his chief rival for the Democratic nomination, and above all top Republican candidates tested in the poll. ... Read more

ISIS Sympathizers In The U.S. Are Mostly Young, Male And American

Here's All The Nonsense 2016 Republicans Have Spouted About Climate Change
HP | Nick Visser | date

Scientists are in near universal agreement that the climate is changing, that it's largely humanity's fault and there is "no plan B" should we fail to act. But you'd never know that if you just listened to some of the Republican presidential contenders.

Here are some of the most outrageous things the 10 leading candidates for the GOP nomination have said about climate change. Many of these statements are patently false: A single volcano does not emit more greenhouse gases than all of humanity; weather is not the same thing as the climate; and a single nation like America -- the second-largest carbon emitter on the planet -- can certainly make a difference. ...


Donald "It's Cold Outside" Trump
  1. "It's snowing & freezing in NYC. What the hell ever happened to global warming?" -- March 2013
  2. "I believe in clean air. Immaculate air. But I don't believe in climate change." -- Sept. 2015
  3. "It's really cold outside, they are calling it a major freeze, weeks ahead of normal. Man, we could use a big fat dose of global warming!" -- October 2015

Ben "This Always Happens" Carson
  1. "There's always going to be either cooling or warming going on. As far as I'm concerned, that's irrelevant. What is relevant is that we have an obligation and a responsibility to protect our environment." -- November 2014
  2. "Of course there's climate change. Any point in time, temperatures are going up or temperatures are going down. Of course that's happening. When that stops happening, that's when we're in big trouble." -- September 2015

Marco "Oh, But The Jobs" Rubio
  1. "We are not going to destroy our economy, make America a harder place to create jobs, in order to pursue a policy that will do nothing, nothing to change our climate, to change our weather." -- September 2015
  2. "America is not a planet." -- September 2015

Ted "You Climate Blasphemers, You" Cruz
  1. "If you look at satellite data for the last 18 years, there's been zero recorded warming. The satellite says it ain't happening." -- August 2015
  2. "Climate change is not science. It's religion." -- October 2015

Jeb "Well Maybe, But I'm A Republican" Bush
  1. "The climate is changing, whether men are doing it or not." -- June 2015
  2. "I don't think it's the highest priority. I don't think we should ignore it, either." -- August 2015

Carly "I Worked With Scientists And They're All Wrong" Fiorina
  1. "I believe if you're going to go to science, you need to read the fine print. And here's what the scientists say: A single nation acting alone can make no difference at all." -- September 2015
  2. "The only answer to this problem, according to the scientist, is a three-decade global effort, coordinated and costing coordinated effort. It's impossible, are you kidding? A three-decade effort, costing trillions of dollars, coordinated with current technology? It'll never happen." -- September 2015

Mike "Um, Kaboom" Huckabee
  1. "Science is not as settled on that as it is on some things." -- June 2015
  2. "A volcano in one blast will contribute more than a hundred years of human activity." -- August 2015

Chris "Sure, But Nah" Christie
  1. "I think global warming is real. I don't think that's deniable. And I do think human activity contributes to it."* -- May 2015
  2. *But Christie has adamantly opposed New Jersey joining into a multi-state greenhouse gas initiative, calling it "a completely useless plan." -- September 2014

John "It's Your Kids' Problem" Kasich
  1. "We don't want to destroy people's jobs, based on some theory that is not proven." -- August 2015
  2. "Do I believe there is something called climate change? I do. Do I think that human beings affect it? I do. How much? Not enough for me to go out and cost somebody their job." -- October 2015

Rand "Doesn't Really Know" Paul
  1. "Not conclusive." -- April 2014
  2. "Not sure anybody exactly knows why." -- April 2014
  3. "Alarmist." -- April 2014
  4. "I don't want to shut down all forms of energy such that thousands and thousands of people lose jobs." -- April 2015
Read more

Click picture to zoom in
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, December 02 [11:09]
DN | Philippines' Former Climate Negotiator Yeb Saño's 900 Mile Pilgrimage to Paris Summit Ends with Fast (12/01/15) [7:30]
*DR | Chicago Police Chief's Firing And Efforts To Boost Public Trust In Police (12/02/15) [1hr]
Chicago's mayor fires the city's police chief amid protests over the response to the police killing of a black teenager. Diane and guests give an update on efforts to boost public trust in police forces across the country.
TRNN | Todd Oppenheim compares the treatment of the six officers charged with killing Freddie Gray to the clients he represents as a Baltimore Public defender (12/01/15) [10:41]
TRNN | Veronica Arreola discusses: Planned Parenthood and the Long Line of Violence Against Women and Abortion Providers (12/01/15) [8:07]
TYT | Andrea Tantaros: Liberals Indicting Entire Religion... Christian White Republicans (12/01/15) [10:50]
*TYT | Bill O'Reilly: Planned Parenthood Deserves Criticism Over "Baby Parts" (12/01/15) [11:20]
TYT | Japan To Slaughter Thousands Of Whales For "Scientific Research" (12/01/15) [3:31]
*RT | CrossTalk: Syrian fault lines (12/02/15) [24:04]
*RT | Keiser Report: Moar War (E843) (12/01/15) [25:25]
RT | Disrupted oil routes push ISIS towards heroin trade, already 1 $bn a year (12/01/15) [1:16]
RT | Libyan Sirte becomes new ISIS stronghold with direct sea route to Europe (12/01/15) [1:52]
RoF | GOP Is Hellbent On Derailing Paris Climate Talks (12/01/15) [3:24]
*RoF | Ring of Fire (E213) - President Cruz...A Terrifying Thought (12/01/15) [29:00]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
*ThomHartmann | Is Ted Cruz the Most Extreme Anti-Woman Candidate? (12/02/15) [11:16]
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - www.pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

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Tuesday December 01, 2015
News Articles

Headlines for Today

Do-Or-Die Time For Climate Change Efforts... 'Never Have The Stakes Been So High'... Desperate Hope To Stave Off Catastrophic Climate Change... Pope Francis: 'We Are At The Limits Of Suicide'... The Countries That Will Suffer The Most If Talks Fail...

To Global Heads of State: 'We Are at a Critical Juncture For People and Our Planet'
HP | Richard Branson | 12/01/15

This letter was originally sent to global Heads of State in the lead up to the G20 meeting in November, by twenty-two leaders in business and civil society, calling for them to make a long-term goal in the COP21 agreement an urgent personal priority.

To global Heads of State,

We are writing to you because we believe we are at a critical juncture for people and our planet.

As you will be aware, signatories to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change have committed to limit the global average temperature increase to below 2°C 1.

We are writing to request that this existing commitment is translated into an actionable Long-Term Goal at COP21. The science, economic costs and social risks of climate change are becoming increasingly clear. We believe that securing a Long-Term Goal in Paris should therefore be an urgent personal priority for you, as it is for all of us.
Read more

Former Military Chief: Iraq War Was A 'Failure' That Helped Create ISIS
HP | Matt Ferner | 11/30/15

Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn, former U.S. special forces commander in Iraq and Afghanistan who was the country's highest ranking military intelligence official, says that the George W. Bush administration's Iraq war was a tremendous blunder that helped to create the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS.

"It was a huge error," Flynn said about the Iraq war in a detailed interview with German newspaper Der Spiegel published Sunday. "As brutal as Saddam Hussein was, it was a mistake to just eliminate him," Flynn went on to say. "The same is true for Moammar Gadhafi and for Libya, which is now a failed state. The historic lesson is that it was a strategic failure to go into Iraq. History will not be and should not be kind with that decision."

When told by Der Spiegel reporters Matthias Gebauer and Holger Stark that the Islamic State would not "be where it is now without the fall of Baghdad," Flynn, without reservations, said: "Yes, absolutely." ... Read more

Atlanta Fed Slashes Q4 GDP Forecast From 2.3% To Just 1.4% In Under One Week
ZeroHedge | author | 12/01/15

Moments ago the GDPNow website announced that the latest model forecast for real GDP growth in the fourth quarter of 2015 has now tumbled to a paltry 1.4 percent on December 1, down from 1.8 percent on November 25. "The decline occurred this morning after the Manufacturing ISM Report On Business from the Institute of Supply Management and the construction spending release from the U.S. Census Bureau." ... Read more

Majority Of World Economy Weakening As US Manufacturing PMI Tumbles To 2 Year Lows

"Time To Hike Rates?" The Last 2 Times ISM Manufacturing Was Here, The Fed Unleashed QE1 & QE3
ZeroHedge | author | 12/01/15

While it is hoped that the economy can continue to expand on the back of the "service" sector alone, history suggests that "manufacturing" continues to play a much more important dynamic that it is given credit for... and that is a major problem as ISM Manufacturing just fell below 50 for the first time since Nov 2012, crashing to 48.6 - the weakest since June 2009. Across the components, new orders collapsed (worst since Aug 2012), and prices paid crashed. Seems like a perfect time to raise rates!! ... Read more

Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
ThomHartmann | TTIP & Big Oil... Secret Deal Exposed (12/01/15) [6:39]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, December 01 [13:16]
*DN | Naomi Klein on Paris Summit: Leaders' Inaction on Climate Crisis is "Violence" Against the Planet (11/30/15) [13:03]
DN | "The Paris Agreement Will See the Planet Burn": Former Bolivian Climate Negotiator Pablo Solón (12/01/15) [15:10]
*DR | Shootings At A Planned Parenthood Clinic In Colorado (12/01/15) [1hr]
Police are working to determine possible motives behind the killing of three people at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic. Diane and guests discuss the latest on the investigation and the high-stakes political battle to shape societal views on terrorism, gun control and mental illness.
*TRNN | Janet Redman and Dimitri Lascaris discusses: Climate Protesters Defy State of Emergency in Paris (12/01/15) [15:35]
*TRNN | Larry Wilkerson discusses: Ousting Assad is Counterproductive and Illegal, Says Congresswoman (12/01/15) [9:55]
TYT | Protests In Paris At COP21 Climate Talks (11/30/15) [5:53]
TYT | Liberals Blamed For Planned Parenthood Attack (11/30/15) [11:24]
TYT | Planned Parenthood Terrorist Kills 3, Injures 9 (11/30/15) [6:25]
RT | Disrupted oil routes push ISIS towards heroin trade, already 1 $bn a year (12/01/15) [1:16]
RT | Libyan Sirte becomes new ISIS stronghold with direct sea route to Europe (12/01/15) [1:52]
RT | Ring of Fire (E212) - Bernie Is Right On Climate Change (11/30/15) [29:00]
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - www.pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

12.01.2015. 13:16

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